Information Technology; Services, Development, Management

System Solution
Based on our extensive experience and comprehensive know-how, we provide a complete range of IT services to meet the needs of customers both large and small.

Application Services Provider

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Niyac, in collaboration with IBM Japan, has developed a comprehensive suite of applications, which we call "BUSS", by which we manage all phases of the bulk commodities (petroleum products, LPG, and haz-mat etc.) logistics process including order receipt and processing, load planning and distribution, etc., as well managing related business processes (our own and our customers on a 3rd party basis). All of BUSS's applications are Internet enabled and accessible.

System Development Service For Businesses

Niyac designs and builds IT systems, based on original design software and/or off-the-shelf components, designed to meet the needs of your enterprise and suited to the industry you operate in.

Help Desk Services

Our help desk personnel provide support ranging from issue resolution at the personal computer level up to solutions and support for whole enterprise systems.

Consulting Service

Based on a careful analysis of any given underlying business process, we propose how to automate the process so that your business can operate at peak efficiency.

Office Equipment Sales

We sell a full range of office equipment including computers and so on. We can arrange equipment leasing as well if this suits your business situation.

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